A Breakthrough in Garage Vacuum Design
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Compact and Powerful

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The Revolutionary GarageVac



GarageVac brings garage vacuum cleaners into the 21st century with its unique and sleek design, hypo-allergenic filtration for a cleaner environment and installation flexibility. At just 4 kilograms, the GarageVac is easy to install and use. GarageVac has a powerful 6 amp, 113 cfm twin fan 5 Peak HP turbo motor. Our garage vacuums are Made in the U.S.A, and has a full 6 year warranty.

GarageVac is a sleek, powerful, upscale system, injection moulded from hi-tech polycarbonate for a long lasting and durable, non-corrosive finish. The patented design gives the GarageVac the finished look that all other vacuum systems lack. And installation is so simple... any homeowner can do it! GarageVac only takes four screws for installation. With just 100mm depth and the integrated tool caddy and hose storage, GarageVac takes only 2 1/2 square feet of wall space to install, compared with 6 square feet or more for other garage vacuums.  All the tools and the 12 meter stretch hose are in one place. No more scrambling around to find the misplaced small dust brush or scratching the side of the car with a hard to manoeuvre shop vacuum.



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InterVac' Central Vacuum Systems are constructed from high-tech Poly-Carbonate.

Why a Central Vacuum System
Don't settle for less than the luxury, power & convenience of a Central Vac.
InterVac Central Vacuum Systems
Warranty Period:  6 Years
Replacement Accessories Cost
Standard Accessories include:
Crevice Tool:  from $6.95 to $16.60*
Upholstery Tool:  from $6.95 to $14.95
Dust Brush: from $6.50 to $16.60*
Dusting Tool Kit (Three above combined):  from $19.95
Telescopic Chrome Wand:  from $14.50 to $32.95
* Combination Dust and Upholstery Tool
Quick Specs
  • 243mm wide x 493mm high x 100mm deep.
  • 1.5meter long electric cord attached
  • 419 Air Watts, 2556mm H20 Sealed Vacuum, 3210 l/m Airflow, 498km/hr Air Speed.
  • 230 -240volt, 6amps, 900w - 1400w Max. Watts (peak)
  • 6 Year Warranty (conditional).

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